"There is no inescapable past. A past may chase you if you try to run away from it. But once you confront it, it is just an old memory that is inside of you that is nothing to be afraid of." ~Ganjo Sanzo {Saiyuki}
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I will blog about: my own story and life "adventures"....things I love, like, enjoy , care for, and appreciate. I will reblog and blog on my cosplays, occasional drawings, some of my WTF , sometimes sad but DEFINITELY derpy moments in my life...
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I hate many negative things in life... BUT I love to help & make people smile in the best way I can.

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Me every time I have another person come to me about their post break-up feels and some occasionally want me to give them advice on how  to deal:







Hi guy’s this is Eternal-Violet-Void’s girlfriend, We decided to post this here since she has many more followers than I do.  PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS.  This girl has been messaging us both non-stop and saying the most hateful things. I don’t know what to say to make her stop so I was hoping to in-list some help from all of you. Thank you guys!


Time to expose! Reblog !!!

Urge to punch rising…

What really got me ticked was her saying that ‘every sane person’ would agree and back her up. The only kind of ‘person’ that would even agree is someone as low and insulting as her. Labeling others and saying that they should die is not their decision to make, nor does anyone else have the right to. We all are people regardless of our preferences and history, what we decide is up to us. If you love someone who is the same or opposite gender, then you have every right to love that person without judgement. I have faith that humanity could be as kind and supportive as the girl who supported someone important to her, but it makes me disappointed when I’m reminded that there are people like that senseless bitch in the world as well.

I’m not expecting the world to change overnight or even a year, but I can only wish and hope that we’ll eventually stop labeling other because of different skin colors or ethnics.

Forever expose disgusting people like that bully. Please I prefer not to be group with her kind of “Sane people” I feel very violated with her saying that.  I don’t see why she finds this as issue in anyways and her hatred is pure empty reasoning and she is just a miserable being.

Humans have a right to be with whoever they want. I my sexual orientation is straight and I I have so many wonderful friends who aren’t and they are harming no one with their existence. It’s people like her that are disgusting and harmful to the planet. And they need to re-evaluate their life right now.

First ever post on tumblr.


Why hello there, tumblr. I like the funny gifs and images posted here. I figured I’d get in on the action.

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Introducing Wedgeanti11es

Shout out to my bro wedgeanti11es for finally making a tumblr account. He loves Doctor Who, Marvel,  SHingeki no Kyojin…etc soo many more things he loves and knows a lot about most of these things too. Please so support him and follow him, like you do with me. And well mah IRL bros….well… you know LOL <3



And I started to walk
Pretty soon I will run
And I’ll come running back to you

'Cause I followed my star
And that’s what you are
I’ve had a merry time with you



so there’s that scene where clara goes ‘someday, you could just walk past a fez,’ and eleven responds with ‘never gonna happen’

and i bet that someday there’ll be a scene where twelve walks right past a fez and clara watches him and she looks so sad for a moment because it really hits home how much she misses him



New images from the Doctor Who Christmas special, Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor. This is Matt Smith, The Eleventh Doctor’s final episode.

The Time of the Doctor premieres December 25th at 9/8c on BBC America.

Keep an eye on your dash - there’s more coming shortly.

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